Everything Else

This one isn't so much about photography or adventure because there really hasn't been much of either lately.
What I've been doing is tending to other matters because, like an elf, I was on the shelf.

Speaking of, it's easy to lose sight (not a height joke and shame on you for thinking it) of the less glamorous parts, when you're running, gunning, creating, and learning.

In my case, due to an injury, I was forced to slow down and take a break from it all. Originally I felt my little "intermission" couldn't have come at a worse time as I felt I'd just done my best work.
In reality, it has been a little more complex than that. 

To paint the picture, there I was resting, with nothing to do and nothing but time on my hands to... think.
Someone will have to come up with a name for these stages but, first I felt down, then frustrated, then I began to visualize what I would do when I could shoot again, then I realized it would take longer than I hoped so I was down again, fell into the laziness trap, and only after all of that did I allow myself to see the other things I could be using my time for.

I put work into a business plan, played with lighting techniques, read articles, watched videos, you name it, I absorbed it.

Which brings me to The Key.
It's not so much about looking on the bright side as it is to understand that there is more than one side.
In what other way(s) could you be fulfilled? How might something still be accomplished even if it's not what you'd prefer to do?

Tell me about a time where you had to apply something like this and an extra special bonus if it's photography related.

Thanks, later
- Henry

Henry Rodgers