Photography and blogging go together like...

Hand and shutter button?
New York and pizza?

Something like that. Didn't really take a lot of time to think that one through but, now that I've got your attention (hopefully), we can get all caught up and reacquainted. 

So, I took a little break from the blog scene to get out on the streets of NYC and get some intimate shots of the beautiful people and attractions.  

Central Park Night

The shot above is one I sneaked in after a night shoot for a Christmas card with a great couple from the upper east side. I could've spent a lot more time there that night but it got cold pretty quickly, and I gained a real good appreciation for the importance of gloves. Still haven't found the right pair. Something thin with grip but still warm would be great but I digress. 

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, there was this time I went by the World Trade Center


It doesn't take being a NYer to feel the significance of the location. I can assure you that the moment I stood there and considered what I was witness to was not lost on me.

Reminded me of what photography is really meant to do for us.
Some may look at any image of the Trade Center/Lower Manhattan area and feel sorrow.
I look at what it's become and what is being built and I feel a sense of pride for how far we've come in such a short time.

Nevertheless, it's important to document these times in our lives so that we continue to feel.

Well, I think that's a good place to leave it this time around.

Up next, I'll add more of my street shots, get into a little talk about my process, and I'll even have a site exclusive or two.
For access to images from all of my recent travels you can visit the home page and hit the buttons for the facebook and Instagram pages. I'll see you back here soon for another campfire.

'til then,
Don't be afraid to let the sparks fly.

- Henry